Cross Dimension v1 (2010)
Public installation, KGIT Center(DMC Seoul)
LED, Glass, Aluminum, Microcontroller, sensor, custom software, 5m * 8m * 2m

혼재 v1
공공설치, 상암 DMC KGIT센터 1층로비
LED, 유리, 알루미늄, 마이크로컨트롤러, 센서, 자체제작 소프트웨어


Cross Dimension v1 is a tangible public interactive installation exploring transformative space and dimension by visualizing the nano-scale molecular structures into a macro-scale LED interacting light and glass sculpture to provide viewer with the experience of contemplating his or her existence in multiple trans-dimensional spaces such as virtual vs real and nano vs macro spaces.


(above) installation view (KGIT Center, 2010)

9 basic nano molecule patterns for glass work(left),  simple glass molecules waiting for the next steps  in kiln(right)

Concept design of  Cross Dimension v1