Poetic Machine (2017-2020)

Robotic art installation with video projection, robots with IC, sensors and motors, various dimension

The series proposes a poetic or alternative attention toward machines in the age of Anthropocene era, and was produced from a personal and contemplative position toward non-human artificial agents such as machines, artificial intelligence, and robots that are pervasive in the techno-society. <Poetic Machine: Pause>, first released in 2017, proposes the thoughts around ‘pause’ or ‘non-production’, ‘inefficiency’, and ‘non-function’ in our contemporary techno-society where automation and optimization are considered as ultimate values. In <Poetic Machine no2: Prologue for Machine Perspective>(2020), the artist ironically illuminates the aspect of mechanical gaze. The work shows how the machine recognizes objects around it and the probability of the estimation in real time using Google’s Vision API. Facing the era of aggressive and indiscriminate mechanical gazes and epistemology, what are the things that human beings need to continue, change, or correspond to this techno-landscape? The artist asks.