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ISEA2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness

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The Eighteenth International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness is a symposium and series of events exploring the discourse of global proportions on the subject of art, technology and nature. The ISEA symposium is held every year in a different location around the world, and has a 30-year history of significant acclaim. Albuquerque is the first host city in the U.S. in six years.

The ISEA2012 symposium will consist of a conference September 19 – 24, 2012 based in Albuquerque with outreach days along the state’s “Cultural Corridor” in Santa Fe and Taos, and an expansive, regional collaboration throughout the fall of 2012, including art exhibitions, public events, performances and educational activities. This project will bring together a wealth of leading creative minds from around the globe, and engage the local community through in-depth partnerships.

Machine Wilderness references the New Mexico region as an area of rapid growth and technology alongside wide expanses of open land, and aims to present artists’ and technologists’ ideas for a more humane interaction between technology and wilderness in which “machines” can take many forms to support life on Earth. Machine Wilderness focuses on creative solutions for how technology and the natural world can sustainably co-exist.

The program will include: a bilingual focus, an indigenous thread, and a focus on land and skyscape. Because of our vast resource of land in New Mexico, proposals from artists are being sought that will take ISEA participants out into the landscape. The Albuquerque Balloon Museum offers a unique opportunity for artworks to extend into the sky as well.

The lead organizations hosting ISEA2012 are 516 ARTS, The University of New Mexico and The Albuquerque Museum of Art & History. There are a total over 50 partnering organizations to date representing museums, colleges, nonprofit arts organizations, environmental organizations and the scientific and technological communities.

Call for Entries

DEADLINE: October 15, 2011

* Artworks/Performances
* Panels
* Workshops
* Papers
* Residencies/Special Programs

How to apply
Apply here to propose conference panels and papers, and workshops for the conference and youth programs. Propose artworks and performances/events for the main exhibition at 516 ARTS, the Albuquerque Museum and other venues. In addition, apply here for a number of residency and special project opportunities throughout the region. Each of these opportunities is described in detail in this section. Artwork, residency and special project applications require one high-resolution image for publication, additional images, online videos and other links are optional. Residency and special project opportunities require a budget. Make sure your budget matches the funds available to the opportunity you are applying for as the amounts vary. With each application, check the appropriate symposium subthemes and/or focus days, or select other/none, and check each special project/residency opportunity box as appropriate. You may apply as a team but must name one contact person. You may apply with multiple projects in more than one category.

ISEA International defines “electronic art” as art that cannot be created without electronic means. This includes both visual and performing arts, and it means that technology, such as computer software, the Internet, databases, wireless devices, electronic components or physical computing, has played a role in the creation of the work. This does NOT mean that the work itself must contain a screen, projector, embedded computer or electronic components.

Budgeting guidelines
Artists seeking support for projects should submit a brief budget outline of expenses, noting the total amount requested. The budget outline should include honoraria if needed, materials, shipping, travel and equipment. As with past ISEA exhibitions, artists are encouraged seek other forms of support where they can, such as their universities or local governments. At least partial funding for many ISEA2012 projects will be available, but artists seeking support from ISEA2012 for over $5,000 will not be considered. In most cases, the support stipends for artists who need support will be $500 to $2500.

For special project calls, support amounts vary from $500 to $10,000. In cases where the special calls include a culminating public artwork in the main exhibition or performance during the conference, the costs for installation should be included in the artist’s budget proposal. Equipment needs should also be described in full.

Special Project Opportunities
View a list of opportunities for Residencies/Special Projects.

The ISEA2012 main exhibition will be juried by a team of experts from around the world including members of the international ISEA committee and selected guest jurors. Conference proposals will be juried by members of the international ISEA committee and sub-theme leaders. Special projects proposals will be juried by all of the above, including representatives from the sponsoring organizations for the individual projects.

Translife 2011: International Triennial of New Media Art

중국 국립미술관에서 열리는 국제 미디어 아트 트레니얼이 베이징에서 7월 26일부터 열린다. 한국에서는 이용백, 민세희, 이준 작가 참여.

Weather Pong v. 1.0 by Zune Lee

Weather Pong v. 1.0 by Zune Lee & his collaborators


Following the groundbreaking international new media art exhibition Synthetic Times, a 2008 Beijing Olympics Cultural Project, the National Art Museum of China presents TransLife, the next installment of the Media Art China series, now instituted as a triennial, slated to open on July 26, 2011, in Beijing.

Amidst the global challenges of climate and ecological crises that threaten the very existence of humanity, the exhibition TransLife reflects on the whereabouts of humankind in relationship to nature through an unique perspective and philosophical speculation, calling for citizen participation in facing these imminent challenges with artistic imagination to advocate a new world view of nature and a retooled humanist proposition.

The exhibition is structured by three thematically related components that gradually progress from the discovery of new sensorial potentials that extend our cognitive capacities to the emergence of multiple life forms to biodiversity and an exploration of the symbiosis of cohabitation, revealing emerging concepts of life and provoking contemplation on the biosphere. In doing so, the exhibition also strives to reassess the historical roots and epistemological foundation of the current ecological and environmental predicament, interrogating the notion of subjectivity inherent in the project of modernity and the anthropocentrism derived from that tradition.

The exhibition’s architectural design starting with the first floor of the museum and extending to the third and the uppermost floors resonates with exhibition’s thematic construct in which the progression from the sensorial experiences of the individual to the recognition of the multitude of life phenomena and, finally, to the attention to life-sustaining ecosystems echoes with the emotional and perceptual evolution from micro-worlds to a macro-universe, making the curatorial concept an organic and symbolic physical presence.

TransLife will bring to the Beijing audience an unparalleled roster of 53 artworks by over 80 artists and artist collectives from China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Latvia, Ireland, UK, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Serbia and Australia. 40 works will be included in the theme exhibitions and 13 works will be installed in the “Weather Tunnel” special project.

The exhibition will occupy three galleries on the museum’s first floor and the entire space of the museum’s 3rd and 5th floors, totaling over 4000 square meters.

The cutting-edge Chinese architect MA Yansong will design a large installation for “Weather Tunnel” in collaboration with emerging artists from a selection of leading art schools in an open area of the museum.

The 300 page plus exhibition catalogue will consist of a collection of scholarly texts contributed by world-renowned authors (Bruno Latour, Arjen Mulder, Chris Salter, Peter Sloterdijk, Eugene Thacker, and a curatorial text by ZHANG Ga) to elaborate on the exhibition’s themes and their philosophical ramifications, along with color illustrations of works in the exhibition. The catalogue will be co-published by NAMOC, The Liverpool University Press and the Foundation for Art and Creative Technologies in UK and distributed globally.

Artistic Director / Curator, ZHANG Ga

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